Friday, October 18, 2013

What This Blog is For

     Written September 23-30, 2013 (if I remember correctly):    
After making the intro video (which has yet to be posted) I realized that (1) I may have made the blog's use a bit unclear and (2) I actually forgot to mention a few things that I plan to do with it.  So, I just want to briefly clarify what it's for:

- First and foremost, this blog is for any messages that are better delivered in text format than video format.  Anything that God is giving me more text-vibes for than video-vibes.  I may occasionally use this for more personal posts and messages as well, as long as they are in relation with the Commission God has given me.

- This blog is also for posting/announcing any other things I plan to create to spread the message of Christ and the Word of God.  What do these consist of, you may ask?  Well, other than the YouTube videos and blog posts, I plan to:
          - Make games.  The games I have in mind to make have their roots in spiritual and Christian truths.  Their purpose will be to challenge your faith, and I pray they can be used to edify your beliefs and faith in Christ.
          - Record and post songs.  This one I forgot to mention in the video, but I have written a few songs (in the past and in recent times), and plan to post them on SoundCloud.  At the moment, there are none up; I haven't recorded anything yet.  (By the way, don't expect anything to professional.  I have my mic, my voice, and my acoustic guitar, all which can be used for the glory of God.)
          - Delve in graphic design.  Specifically, text-based design, mainly consisting of either quotes from the Bible or Christian writers/speakers, or designs I've come up with myself.
          - Review games?  This one is still up for debate.  If I do review games, I will do a few things.  (1) I will review mainly indie titles.  (2) I plan to review in a God-light, with a spiritual point of view and not an earthly one.  Before my faith was renewed, I imagined analyzing games and getting "known", I guess you might say, and I planned to have more of a neutral stand on more controversial titles in the indie market.  That will not happen if I review games; I will review with God by my side, and His light illuminating what I need to see, as with all things.  (3) Though anyone will be able to watch them, I would want to make these reviews especially for parents whose kids may play indie games, since a majority of them don't have ESRBs, and therefore may not know what they're diving into.  This is why I mainly want to review indie titles; some don't get attention enough for people to point out what risks there are in playing them, and I want to try to shed some light on the situation.

     I think that's it for now.  Thanks for reading; any questions or comments, leave them below, or send me an e-mail at  Please pray for me, that my relationship with God will be strengthened through this journey; I will also pray for you, whoever you are, that you relationship can be a strong one.
     Written October 16 and 18, 2013:
After much struggle and consideration, I have decided that I will not do any video game reviews.  Don't get me wrong, I like games; heck, I even want to make a few!  But reviewing them would cause them to have more emphasis in my life, more importance, and I don't want a lust for video games to surpass my love for God.  Do I think video games are evil?  Absolutely not, but I do not want something I like to be used as a snare, to drive me to play games for long hours without any thought for God, as I lived before.
     Recently, video games have looked particularly tempting.  My sister and I were playing a M-rated game on her Nintendo DS, and I have been voice acting every character/voice in the game (I have a love for acting and voice acting as well).  This game has a lot of profanity, and I try to avoid saying any out loud (usually replacing the word with something less offensive or saying, "I'm not saying that," instead of the word, or skipping over it entirely).  Occasionally, however, while playing my roles, I let some words slip; when I do so, those words inch closer and closer from the back of my mind to the front, which is something I do not desire.
     I was at conflict.  I love the game, and I love voice acting every character.  But is that material what God wants me to be spending time with?  Should I be exposing myself to such things?  I realized that, while I want to wallow in the pleasantries of fleeting earthly things, what I truly should desire (and what God wants all people to have) is purity, not only of heart and body, but of mind.  I wanted to continue playing the game, continue in this earthly delight, but it would not be right for me in the long run.  As a long time gamer who is seeking self-control in such things, I can tell you that a game itself can be a fleeting moment: You play and have fun while it lasts, and then it's over, and the credits roll.  What you take out of the game is what truly matters once you've pressed your last button, and I do not want to take such language out of an experience.  Personally, exposing myself to cursing is what puts those words in the front of my mind, and I do not want them there.
     After a discussion over dinner with my mother over my dilemma, I told my sister the next day that I did not want to play the game anymore.  But a few hours later, I went on YouTube and saw that a let's-player had uploaded a video of The Wolf Among Us, a recent TellTale game that is rated M for various reasons.  Even though my consciousness was screaming at me not to click on it, I watched the entire forty-something minutes of the video, and this time, there was in-game voice acting, with about as much cursing as the game I had been playing with my sister, if not more.  But as I thought about it later, I realized I was being a hypocrite.  I told my sister I was searching for purity, but hardly a day after I say so I expose myself to the very thing I said I wanted to avoid!
     Later that evening, I came to a decision.  I had been thinking about giving up games for a time during the month of Easter, for an event my church holds called The Daniel Fast (the Catholic church would know it as Lent).  During The Daniel Fast, which is based on the first chapter of Daniel, one would eat nothing but fruits and vegetables until Easter Sunday, but I thought it would be cool to give up playing games during that time period.  But, Monday evening, I decided I needed to take time now to stop playing games.
     Thus, here we are.  I have decided to give up playing games, watching games, or exposing myself to game-related . . . nouns, until the end of October.  And during the time I would usually do these things, I want to spend time with God, to pray and be in his Word more than I have before.  I want purity of mind, and the only way I can do so is by not letting my mind be defiled.  He is pure, and wants me to be as well.
     So, yeah.  Any questions, comment or e-mail me; my e-mail is  I'll be at a Teen Retreat this weekend, so I will not be able to respond until Sunday afternoon/sometime on Monday.  I hope your weekend is a wonderful one.
     (Also, my apologizes for not posting the video yet; I am still working on giving it subtitles, which is taking quite a while.  I sometimes find it difficult to sit down and do it, since I am easily distracted and called away by many things, but this is what God's called me to do; I can do anything through Him, and that's something I need to truly believe.  Also, for more information about this blog, please refer to this Deviantart post.)